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Aloo Chatt Spiced potatoes in a tangy sauce.
Biran Maach Shallow fried tropical fish steak with onions and spices.
Chicken Chatt Pieces of chicken with a tangy sauce.
Chicken Tikka Succulent pieces of boneless chicken marinated in yoghurt and mild spices baked in the tandoori clay oven.
Chicken Tikka Pakora Chicken tikka coated in a spicy sauce and deep fried.
Green Fish Shallow fried spicy fish steak in green pepper.
Kebab Cocktail Chicken tikka lamb tikka & sheek kebab in a medium Tandorri sauce.
King Prawn Butterfly Delicately spiced, coated with bread crumbs.
King Prawn Puri Prawn cooked in a spicy and tangy sauce and served on a deep fried bread.
Lamb Tikka Boneless pieces of lamb marinated in yoghurt and mild spices baked in the tandoori clay oven.
Maach Kofta Spicy fish balls, deep fried.
Mixed Starter A mixture of chicken tikka, meat samosa, sheek kebab and onion bhaji.
Onion Bhaji Shredded onion bound in gram flour and eggs, deep fried.
Prawn Cocktail A salad mixed with prawn & sauce.
Prawn Puri Well spiced prawns on a deep fried bread.
Reshmi Kebab Spicy lamb burger with omelette.
Samosa Triangular shaped pastry filled with meat or vegetable.
Shammi Kebab Burger, shaped minced lamb with herbs & spices.
Sheek Kebab Charcoal grilled minced lamb mixed with herbs and spices.
Tandoori Chicken Quarter tender chicken marinated and spiced cooked in a tandoor.
Tandoori King Prawn Large prawns marinated and spiced and barbecued in tandoori oven.
Vegetable Kofta Spicy deep fried vegetable balls.